Celebrant Alumni Association Membership

Member Benefits

"First, let me express how grateful and delighted I am to be a CF&I Alumni Celebrant Association Member . The Alumni experience via Celebrnat Facebook has been a very special gift in my life providing tremendous value. And the 2 Regional Celebrant Chapter leaders are superb. I've peeked in on a couple other celebrant and ministerial organizations and find CF&I's members to be 'world class' professionals. There is something about the way our members interact, support and express themselves that is transmissible and calls us to be better human-beings. I luv, luv, luv that I am a part of this group, and can only hope that encounters with me inspire the same hope, peace and joy that I find when interacting with my fellow CF&I celebrants."
~ Celebrant Alumni Association Member: Jacqueline Smith-Bennett

The Celebrant Foundation & Institute Alumni Association is centered on giving you the support and tools you need to flourish as a Life-Cycle Celebrant® in your community! From networking and knowledge sharing with your colleagues to providing personalized assistance and professional development, our rich alumni network provides a host of exclusive membership benefits that are geared toward helping you achieve a fulfilling and financially-rewarding career:

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why you should join CF&I's Alumni Association:

Online Marketing Exposure to Potential Clients/SEO Presence:
Your Bio, Photo and Contact Information are posted on CF&I's 'Choose a Celebrant' page on our website, enabling potential clients to search for you by specialty and location. 'Choose a Celebrant' receives over 4,000 ceremony inquiries annually and referrals are directed ONLY to our listed Alumni Members. Presence on this site is a powerful way to market your local celebrant practice and ensure that potential clients can easily find and connect with you directly.

Media & Public Relations Support
CF&I puts its extensive media and PR list to work for you! We regularly write and submit articles highlighting our Celebrant Association Members and help coordinate local press outreach. We also offer number writing and publishing opportunities in magazines, books, blogs, and other media, as well as guest speaking spots on forums and tel-casts.

Access to CF&I's Extensive Ceremony and Business Libraries
Gain access to CF&I's extensive online ceremony and business libraries that offer a unique blend of original content, peer-to-peer advice, practical tips, ideas, and insight to help you grow your celebrant practice. The well-organized libraries are searchable by topic, giving you quick access to what you are looking for.

Gain Valuable Information
Receive timely and practical information to help you in the field by accessing CF&I's members-only pages of our web site. You will also receive CF&I's timely regular print and electronic communications

Use of the CF&I Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® Trademark Title and Logo
As an active alumni member, you are entitled to use the Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® title and place the LOGO on the homepage of your personal web site and in all marketing materials (i.e., business cards and stationary). This prestigious, trademarked title tells potential clients about your high-level of training and expertise and sets you apart from other celebrants in the field.

Networking Connections/ Making Contacts
The CF&I offers a host of regional and local networking events that promote business referrals and information-sharing. Our Local Alumni Association chapters are particularly helpful in ensuring continued growth in the field. Each one is run by dedicated volunteer facilitators who share their skills and talents to organize chapter gatherings, meet-ups, and tele-calls to keep everyone connected.

Join the Celebrant Online Conversation via Yahoo Group and Facebook
Participate in CF&I's vibrant Celebrant Yahoo and Facebook communities where you can hear from colleagues in the field, share ideas, and discuss all aspects of your celebrant practice.

Prompt and Personalized Attention
Call on us at any time at (973)746-1792 or contact us at [email protected] . CF&I's staff and vast alumni network are your all-in-one guide to celebrancy, providing you with prompt answers to your questions, offering additional resources, and connecting you with experienced celebrant colleagues for peer-to-peer assistance. We give you the support you need, when you need it!

Powerful Advocate for the Celebrant Movement
The CF&I is proud to be at the forefront of the Celebrant Movement here in the United States, working hard to expand the use of meaningful ceremony to mark the milestones in people lives. In 2014, the CF&I was instrumental in gaining passage of a law that made New Jersey the first state in the nation to grant certified civil celebrants legal authority to solemnize marriages.

We are now supporting the effort in other states, giving our local chapters guidance on how to navigate the legislative process. The Celebrant Alumni Association is YOUR advocate, pushing for greater opportunity through changes in state marriage laws to include certified civil celebrants like YOU.

This is just a snapshot of the exclusive benefits of CF&I Alumni Association. There still is so much more! For more information, please contact CF&I at (973 746 1792) or [email protected].

Thank you and shine on Celebrants!